Frequently asked questions

All the most commonly asked questions regarding our global Marketing Partnership programme.



What is the OANDA Partner programme?

The OANDA Partner programme is the official global marketing partnership programme for the OANDA Group.


What commission plans do you offer?

We offer CPA, RevShare and Fixed Fee deals. Please see the Commission Plans page for more information on the CPA tiers and the countries from which we accept pay for referrals. For RevShare and Fixed Fee deals please contact the partners team.


How does your compensation plan work?

We have one of the most competitive Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) payment plans in the leveraged trading industry. We pay you for each qualifying trader that meets the qualification criteria of the subsidiary with whom they have contracted. A qualifying trader is someone who opens a trading account with OANDA and meets our minimum requirements. These requirements include depositing funds and depending on their country of residence and the OANDA subsidiary with whom they have contracted, a minimum number of trades. Your commission will be calculated for the month in which a client first fulfills this criteria. Please note that commission varies depending on the client’s country of residence and the OANDA subsidiary with whom they have contracted. You can find full details of our compensation plan on the Commission Plans page.


How may I contact OANDA Partners for further information?

Simply email us at partners@oanda.com with any questions that you did not find in our FAQ. If you already have an account with OANDA partners, please contact your partnership manager directly.



Where and how do I sign-up?

Simply fill in the registration form to apply for an account with OANDA Partners. Once you have submitted a completed form, a partnership manager will review it and get in touch with you. You will need to provide us with documentation for your account to be approved and once this has been successfully completed you are ready to start promoting OANDA.


Does it cost to become a member?

There are no costs or monthly fees associated with becoming a member of the OANDA Partner programme. It is completely free to join.


Who can join?

Companies and individuals aged 18 or older can join our programme.



Do I need to have a website in order to promote OANDA?

Yes. All OANDA subsidiaries are regulated firms, and our marketing partners are only authorised to promote our brand on websites that are pre-approved by us using our pre-approved materials. If you have any other traffic source that you would like to ask us about then please contact us on partners@oanda.com.


How can I get my site approved for the programme?

Your website content must be:

  • Fair
  • Balanced
  • Not misleading
  • Not provide any trading advice
  • Targeted at an audience that's appropriate for us

Which documents do I need to supply?

All regulators require us to verify the identity of all applicants, so we’ll ask you to submit the following:

  • For individuals - proof of identity confirming your name, date of birth and residential address.
  • For companies - details including your certificate of incorporation, company identification number and business address, plus proof of your bank details. In some cases we may need to see your official register of shareholders holding over 25%, as well as shareholder ID documents.

Your partnership manager will advise you if more documentation is needed.

Please note that we continually monitor every website in our programme, and your partnership manager will work with you to make sure that the content on your site is in line with our rules.

Apply via the registration form and include your website. Or if you’re already a partner, reach out to us on partners@oanda.com with your proposed website details.



How can I promote OANDA?

Once your website is approved by our compliance team, the tracking links will be activated and you may begin referring traffic. You’re welcome to choose from our variety of marketing tools and implement them on your website.


What marketing tools do you provide?

The creative team at OANDA has created captivating banners and landing pages to ensure your marketing campaign is optimised for the highest conversions. To view our various marketing tools, log in and go to the Marketing Tools menu.


Can I promote OANDA in any country?

No. For regulatory reasons, you can only promote OANDA in the United States and the countries listed on the country list PDF for the OANDA subsidiary with whom you have contracted. It may be necessary for you to contract with multiple OANDA subsidiaries (and therefore agree to multiple terms and conditions) to obtain coverage for all the countries to which you wish to promote OANDA. For further information, contact our team on partners@oanda.com.


How will OANDA support me as a partner?

We offer a dedicated partnership manager to each of our marketing partners. Your partnership manager can advise on the best-converting marketing tools based on your unique needs. Our partnership managers can explain the features of our platform, including the dashboard and performance reports, and will answer any questions you may have.


What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please click on the "Forgot your password" link and request password renewal. If this doesn't work, please email partners@oanda.com.



How will you recognise clients who have been referred by me?

Each marketing partner has a unique partnership ID which is assigned on registration.

We include this ID in the tracking link, which you can find in the Marketing Tools section within your account - this can be implemented on your site. When a user clicks on a banner or tracking link on your site, a cookie is dropped on their computer. This tells us that the prospect was referred by you.


How long do you track prospects for?

Once a prospect clicks on your OANDA banner or link, a cookie will be dropped in their browser. Any registration within a 30-day validation period will then be recorded, unless the user clears their browser cookies. Cookies are reset every time a potential client clicks on a marketing partner’s link.


Can I access my performance reports?

Yes, you’ll be able to access your performance reports on the platform after your account is approved.


Why can't I see my recent activity in my reports?

Data in the platform is updated daily. If you cannot see recent activity, please contact your partnership manager.



Which payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to be paid by:

  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Please contact your partnership manager to activate your preferred method on your account.


What is your payment frequency?

We pay commissions on a monthly basis, in the month after it was generated. We aim to pay within 20 days from month end, however, please be aware there may be delays from time to time.


Is there a minimum commission payment?

Yes. If your commission balance is below US$250 in a particular month, we’ll carry it over to the next month’s balance.


Why didn't I get paid?

There could be a number of reasons for your payment not to be processed:

  1. Your bank details are not up to date or correct, please ensure they are updated
  2. The US$250 threshold has not been met and payment will therefore roll over to the next month’s payment
  3. There may have been a problem with sending the payment to your account. If this is the case, your partnership manager will be in touch to discuss

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